A successful marathon of Clinical Ultrasound

A succesfull marathon of Clinical Ultrasound

A successful Marathon of Clinical Ultrasound and POCUS within the Annual Conference Euroson POCUS School Vienna 2023, 4th Edition event organized by EUVEKUS under the aegis of EFSUMB and credited by EACCME.

The event took place at the Medical University of Vienna. We would like to thank the Speakers, leaders of prestigious European medical organizations: Wonca Europa, WFUMB, EFSUMB and EUVEKUS who during two days presented both in the theoretical sessions and especially in the WSs Hands On multiple applications of POCUS for Frontline Physicians ( Primary and Ambulatory Healthcare).

We thank all the participants who came in such a large number, being present delegates from over 24 countries, and the leaders of Ultrasound Working Groups from Belgium, France, Poland, Spain, Italy, Poland, Romania, etc. A real medical revolution in terms of upgrading the classic clinical examination to the clinical-ultrasonographic examination for the benefit of our patients by increasing the diagnostic accuracy. Thanks to all the organizers and our sponsors GE Healthcare and Liamed.

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Euroson PoC-US Vienna 2023 Photos

Euroson PoC-US 4th Edition, Vienna 2023


Please check some of the memories we have kept for you at our Event.

You'll find much more photographies (700+) at


Welcome Dinner Kronprintz Rudolfshof

Welcome Dinner at Kronprintz Rudolfshof


We invite the participants to the Euroson PoC-US 2023, Vienna Edition to the Welcome Dinner.

Participation to the event will cost 60 Euros.

The event wil take place on Friday, 08 September 2023, 20:00 hours.

Address: Cobenzlgasse 8, Vienna, Austria, 1190
Phone:   +43 1 320 2108


Invitation to Euroson Poc-US 2023 Edition


Recruitment for the Delphi Panel Invitation

Recruitment for the Delphi Panel


We invite medical doctors, who have experience with performing ultrasound examinations in the primary care setting, to participate in a research project including a Delphi process. Our aim is to establish an EFSUMB ultrasound core curriculum for frontline physicians working in primary care.

If you are an experienced ultrasound user and teacher, you will have accumulated valuable experience as to which ultrasound scanning examinations are easy to learn and master, and which ultrasound scans require more training and experience. Such experience is important to the ultrasound community, and we therefore hope you will wish to share your knowledge with us.

For this research project, we will assemble a Delphi panel of ultrasound-experienced primary care doctors from 40 European countries. If you wish to be considered for the Delphi panel, you will need to answer a short questionnaire (please see QR Code or link below) so that we may determine if you meet our eligibility criteria. Many thanks for your time.

Kind Regards,

The EFSUMB task force group
(Thomas Lökkegaard, Hazel Edwards, Viktor Rüttermann, Adib Salim, Mateusz Kosiak, Codruta Constantinescu, Kristina Lebedevaitė, Mihai Iacob, Caroline Ewertsen, Christin Jenssen, Lynne Ruud)

Questionnaire Link


Galla Dinner location Wienerwald Restaurant


We are pleased to announce the location of the Galla Dinner of Euroson PoC-US Vienna 2023 event.

We'll meet at Wienerwald Restaurant situated at:

1010 Wien
Goldschmiedgasse 6


Lust auf traditionelle Lieblingsspeisen? Genießen Sie Qualität, modernes Design und Gastfreundschaft. Im Mittelpunkt unseres Sortiments steht das WienerWald Grillhendl. Ergänzt wird das Angebot um die klassischen Lieblingsspeisen der Österreicher: Schnitzel, Tafelspitz, Gulasch und vieles mehr. Sie sind Vegetarier oder Naschkatze? Probieren Sie doch Eiernockerln und als Dessert einen Kaiserschmarrn oder Apfelstrudel? Wir freuen uns auf Ihren Besuch!


Dr. Mihai Iacob Montegut Winner 2023


We are pleased to announce that Dr. Mihai Sorin Iacob from Romania has been selected as the Montegut Global Scholar 2023 from the WONCA Europe region with approval of the American Board of Family Medicine.

I thank the Wonca Europa Board as well as the American Board of Family Medicine ABFM-F  who awarded me the Wonca Europa Montegut Scholar 2023 for my contribution to the promotion of clinical ultrasound and POCUS in primary healthcare.

"One small step for me, one giant leap for European Family Medicine"!

Dr. Mihai Sorin Iacob


New Speaker - Prof. Dr. Christoph Frank Dietrich

New Speaker

Prof. Dr. Christoph Frank Dietrich

We are honoured to welcome a new Speaker for the 4th Edition of the Euroson PoC-US Vienna 2023 Event.

Prof. Dr. Christoph Frank Dietrich is:

  • Head of the Department for General Internal Medicine DAIM at Hirslanden in Bern, Switzerland,
  • Past President of EFSUMB [2013 - 2015],
  • Member of the WFUMB Administrative Council, and WFUMB Treasurer.

WONCA Europe Position Paper

WONCA Europe Position Paper on the use of Point-of-Care ultrasound (POCUS) in primary care (V4.3)

Author: Dr Sonia Tsukagoshi and Dr Aaron Poppleton, on behalf of WONCA Europe Executive Board
Comments: Professor Shlomo Vinker (Israel), Dr Francois Heritier (Switzerland), Dr Paul Frappé (France), Dr Dr Fabian Dupont (Germany), Dr Peter Sigmund (Austria), Dr Mihai Iacob (Romania), Prof Josep Vilaseca (Spain), Prof Mehmet Ungan (Turkey), Dr Camilla Aakjær Andersen (Denmark), Europrev, EGPRN, POCUS iGP


Point of care ultrasound (POCUS) has been introduced across a number of medical specialities, with emerging research showing promising results. We anticipate that POCUS will have an increasingly important place for specific indications within primary care over the coming years, supporting general practitioners to meet the health needs of their patient populations. We recommend that all general practitioners receive training in POCUS that is tailored to the needs of their healthcare context. This training should be delivered during general practitioners' residency and continuing medical education programmes. Where evidence supports the use of POCUS in diagnosis, qualified general practitioners should be appropriately financed for its use in clinics, house calls and community healthcare. We support ongoing efforts to gather evidence for best practice use of POCUS, and to explore the long-term effects of POCUS use on diagnosis within primary care.


POCUS is defined as ‘ultrasonography brought to the patient and performed by the provider in real time’.[1] It is designed to answer a specific clinical question or to perform a specific procedural aim and is not a replacement for a formal ultrasound examination or screening.[1, 2] POCUS has been shown to be useful to rule in or rule out medical emergencies, diagnose conditions of low to moderate complexity, and to monitoring acute and chronic illnesses independent of hospital infrastructures.[2-7] Effective use of POCUS has been demonstrated in numerous clinical specialities for a wide range of indications, including those relating to internal organs, such as the heart, lungs, and kidneys, musculoskeletal and vascular conditions, and pregnancy.[3, 4, 8-12] Exposure to and popularity of POCUS during undergraduate medical training has increased over the past decade.[13, 14]

Use of POCUS has been increasing in primary care,[5, 14] with a strong interest among residents in family medicine to incorporate POCUS training into the family medicine curriculum.[15] Indications for POCUS vary between countries, shaped by the requirements of local health systems, the scope of primary care and training of general practitioners. Benefits of POCUS within primary care include its portability, ease of operation, high acceptability amongst patients and high user satisfaction amongst both patients and doctors.[16-18] POCUS can increase doctor confidence and studies suggest it can increase accuracy in diagnosis.[19] POCUS therefore has the potential to improve patient outcomes through a rapid initiation of effective treatment and a reduction in referrals to secondary care for investigations, specialist clinics and hospitalisation.[7, 8] POCUS has the potential to reduce health inequalities and empower general practitioners who work in rural, remote, under-resourced or underserved settings.[20, 21]

However, the use of POCUS in primary care is not without limitations. As with other physical examinations (e.g. pulmonary auscultation, thyroid palpation), accuracy of POCUS is user-dependent.[1, 12, 22] Compared with auscultation/clinical examination alone, focused use of POCUS has the potential to ensure higher levels of diagnostic accuracy and reduce risk of harm.[22] Without adequate training and continuous utilisation, POCUS can lead to false reassurance, underdiagnosis, misdiagnosis, overdiagnosis and overtreatment.[2, 23] Training should be stepwise and ongoing, including adequate coverage of anatomy and physiology, procedural techniques and communication skills including standardised reporting of clinical findings, and the impact of findings on medical decision making in primary care.[4, 24, 25, x26] Maintaining competency will be an important aspect of ongoing use of POCUS within a generalist speciality.[27] More research is required to identify best practice in training, methods of assessment and quality improvement, including avoidance of overdiagnosis, within the context of primary care.

Medicolegal considerations vary across countries and frequently change. This will require providers and institutions to understand local regulatory requirements and legal frameworks to mitigate the potential risks of POCUS. Even, the stethoscope, a tool routinely used by physicians for over 200 years has its limitations and failings.[28] Reviews of POCUS-associated litigation within secondary care have not identified cases relating to the use of POCUS, but rather to the lack of POCUS use when the technology was available.[29-31] Assessing medicolegal risk is a preventative process to avoid harm, whether to the patient, provider, or institution. Efforts must be made to gather evidence for guidelines on appropriate (and inappropriate) use of POCUS within primary care, in addition to the long-term impact on patient prognosis. We anticipate that specific regulatory frameworks for POCUS in General Practice are likely to evolve with an increased emphasis on quality and safety. We support the development of licensure and availability of General Practitioners to undertake POCUS in countries where this is not currently available.


POCUS is an accessible and promising medical tool capable of increasing diagnostic value and accuracy within primary care. It has the potential to reduce healthcare costs, patient travel, waiting times, and need for referral to secondary care services. It does however have potential risks of underdiagnosis, misdiagnosis, overdiagnosis and overtreatment. We recommend that all general practitioners receive tailored curriculum-based training in POCUS during residency and continuing medical education programmes, with adequate financial provision to undertake POCUS within primary care. We suggest that open dialogue and partnership with providers, administrators, and regulatory agencies experienced in POCUS will enable development of strategies to improve availability, provider performance, patient outcomes and minimisation of risk.


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31. Blaivas M, Pawl R (2012) Analysis of lawsuits filed against emergency physicians for point-of-care emergency ultrasound examination performance and interpretation over a 20-year period. Am J Emerg Med 30(2):338–341


EACCME® Accreditation of event

“The The Euroson PoCUS School Vienna, 4th Edition, Vienna, Austria, 08/09/2023-09/09/2023 has been accredited by the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME®) with 16 European CME credits (ECMEC®s). Each medical specialist should claim only those hours of credit that he/she actually spent in the educational activity.”

EACCME® credits
Each participant can only receive the number of credits he/she is entitled to according to his/her
actual participation at the event once he/she has completed the feedback form. Cf. criteria 9 and 23 of UEMS 2016.20.

In order to RECEIVE individual certificates, each participant should attend:

on 08.09.2023 - 8.00 hours
on 09.09.2023 - 8.00 hours

The EACCME® awards ECMEC®s on the basis of 1 ECMEC® for one hour of CME with a maximum of 8 ECMEC®s per day. Cf. Chapter X of UEMS 2016.20.


Invitation to the 4th Euroson PoC-US Conference 2023

Welcome to the 4th Edition of the Euroson PoC-US School!

As the event organizer, I am excited to provide you with the following details:

Conference Title: Point of Care Ultrasonography in Primary Health Care and Ambulatory Care. Updates and Perspectives

Date: September 08-09, 2023

Venue: Universitätszahnklinik Wien, Vienna, Austria

Conference Overview:

Ultrasonography, also known as ultrasound or sonography, is a widely used imaging technique in medicine that utilizes high-frequency sound waves to produce real-time images of the internal structures of the body. This conference aims to bring together leading experts, researchers, and practitioners in the field of ultrasonography to exchange knowledge, share insights, and explore the latest advancements in this rapidly evolving field.

Conference Highlights:

Keynote Presentations: Renowned experts in the field of ultrasonography will deliver keynote presentations on cutting-edge research, technological advancements, and clinical applications of ultrasonography.

Scientific Sessions: The conference will feature multiple scientific sessions covering a wide range of topics, including abdominal ultrasonography, obstetric and gynecologic ultrasonography, musculoskeletal ultrasonography, and cardiac ultrasonography, among others.

Workshops: Interactive workshops led by experienced practitioners will provide practical training on various aspects of ultrasonography, including image acquisition techniques, interpretation of ultrasound findings, and hands-on demonstrations of ultrasound equipment.

Presentations: Attendees will have the opportunity to present their research findings in the form of posters, fostering discussions and collaborations among researchers and clinicians.

Industry Exhibition: Leading companies in the field of medical imaging and ultrasound equipment will showcase their latest products and technologies, providing attendees with the opportunity to explore and interact with the latest innovations.

Networking Opportunities: The conference will provide ample networking opportunities, including coffee breaks, lunch sessions, and a gala dinner, allowing participants to connect, collaborate, and establish professional relationships.

Continuing Medical Education (CME) Credits: The conference will be accredited for 15 CME credits, allowing attendees to earn continuing education hours.


  • Online Only Registration: 75€ (until June 31, 2023) / 100€ (from July 01, 2023)
  • Student Medical Resident Registration: 100€ (until June 31, 2023) / 125€ (from July 01, 2023)
  • Delegate (In-person) Registration: 200€ (until June 31, 2023) / 250€ (from July 01, 2023)
  • Delegate (In-person) + Galla Dinner Registration: 250€ (until June 31, 2023) / 300€ (from July 01, 2023)

Registration fee includes access to all conference sessions, workshops, exhibition, conference materials, meals, and networking events.

Sponsorship and Exhibition Opportunities:

We welcome organizations to showcase their products and services related to ultrasonography through sponsorship and exhibition opportunities. Various sponsorship packages are available, offering benefits such as logo placement, exhibition space, and promotional opportunities.

Join us at the Euroson PoC-US School Vienna 2023 to stay updated with the latest advancements, exchange knowledge, and network with fellow experts in the field.

We look forward to welcoming you in Vienna in September 2023!

For further inquiries or registration, please visit our conference website or contact us at [] or [+40 725 917 371].

Dr. Mihai IACOB
Event Organizer
Euroson PoC-US School Vienna 2023


Briefing of the 2022 Conference


held in Vienna, Austria on 9-10th September 2022

The Hybrid Conference was organized by EUVEKUS – The European Ultrasound Working Group in Ambulatory Healthcare, EFSUMB endorsed and supported by WONCA Europe. The theme of the Conference, "The Point of Care Ultrasonography in Primary Medicine and Ambulatory Healthcare - Updates and Perspectives", reflects the collaboration to advance common approaches aimed at improving early diagnosis through ultrasonography techniques. Actually, when we have advanced and relatively cheap ultrasound devices and high-performance technology with artificial intelligence or smart software using updated diagnostic algorithms, it's time to complete the classic clinical examination (by history, inspection, palpation, percussion, and auscultation) with the new clinical-ultrasound examination that currently allows us to visualize through ultrasound most organs and tissues of the human body (US-inspection), along with electronic ultrasound palpation through ultrasonographic elastography method (US-palpation), but also with the electronic auscultation through the Doppler Triplex technique (US-auscultation) to increase the diagnostic accuracy in primary and outpatient healthcare.

In addition, this activity provided a platform for networking with many of Europe's leading experts, focusing on reviewing and assessing best practices in ultrasonography. The meeting program included presentations, hands-on training, and informal social gatherings. The feedback given by all encourages us to continue what we started ten years ago, that is to promote the dissemination, development, and education of the field of PoCUS.

Practically, as Prof. Dr. Christian Jenssen states, "let's contribute to its democratization", through a "policy statement" as stated by Prof. Dr. Shlomo Vinker, let's strengthen our good collaboration relations with the four medical organizations, namely: WONCA Europe, EFSUMB, WFUMB and EUVEKUS. We want to convey our thanks, for their extremely important support, but also our desire to contribute in a direct way to the promotion of educational means, research, and creation of curricular models for family medicine residency training soon such as the formation of PoCUS guidelines and educational levels in this field.

It was a successful event that managed to bring together many experts in the field of clinical ultrasonography, and the most important thing is that we managed to reach a consensus among the fourth medical organizations. It is extremely important because EUVEKUS as a European group, has deep ties of collaboration and support with WONCA Europe, but also with the multiple component organizations of this primary healthcare federation, namely: EURACT (THE EUROPEAN ACADEMY OF TEACHERS IN GENERAL PRACTICE/FAMILY MEDICINE), EGPRN (EUROPEAN GENERAL PRACTICE RESEARCH NETWORK), EURIPA (the European Rural and Isolated Practitioners Association), EQUIP (Quality and Safety in General Practice/Family Medicine). So, our impact is extremely important through all these European working groups through experts.

The main objective of our organization is the promotion and development of the use of clinical ultrasonography in primary and ambulatory care in particular, and we are glad that we managed to highlight the limited access for the training and education of family doctors in the field of clinical ultrasound, that unfortunately exists in many European countries. That is why we considered it essential to organize this annual event in Austria a Central European Country to provide educational bonding support. Euroson PoC-US School Vienna has already reached its 3rd edition and we will continue to organize, of course with the support of EFSUMB and WONCA Europe credited to EACCME, where we will meet the leaders of the invited organizations and to assess the situation and the progress achieved, being a central area and where clinical doctors from all over the world have free access to training in the PoC-US.

As the Local Keynote Speaker and President of EUVEKUS, we would like to express our special thanks to our exceptional speakers in the field of world ultrasonography, namely:
Prof Christian Jenssen, President of EFSUMB, Prof Shlomo Vinker, Wonca Europe President, Prof. Dr. Paul S. SIDHU, BSc MBBS MRCP FRCR DTM&H FCIRSE FAIUM (Hon.) WFUMB Treasurer, Prof. Dr. Vito CANTISANI, MD, PhD EFSUMB HONORARY TREASURER, SIUMB President, Prof. Dr. Ioan SPOREA, WFUMB COUNCIL MEMBER, Dr. Peter SIGMUND, MD, President of the Steirischen Akademie für Allgemeinmedizin, Dr. Dominique Amy, MD, EFSUMB Breast US, Elastography Expert, President of École d'Échographie Sans Frontières, Prof. Dr. Dana STOIAN, MD, Ph.D.,Dr. Sc, Dr. Mateusz KOSIAK, Co-Founder of EDUSON School Poland, Dr. Gergely AGOSTON, Vice President of the Working Group of Hungarian Assoc. of Cardiovascular Imaging.

During the Euroson POCUS School Conference, there was a Round Table entitled *The future of using POC-US in ambulatory healthcare from the perspective of professional organizations: WONCA EUROPE, EFSUMB, WFUMB, EUVEKUS* from which it emerged that there is a need for a common position of our organizations to support access in European countries to education in clinical ultrasonography for both family doctors and specialist doctors from the ambulatory healthcare, as well as a rethinking of training programs and curriculum at different levels of competence.
We would like to thank all participants for their important support in carrying out this idea of multidisciplinary collaboration, and for promoting the development and use of Point of Care Ultrasonography in primary and ambulatory healthcare at the European level.

The affirmation of a policy statement by Wonca Europe regarding the recommendation of the use of PoC-US in the training of residents and future family doctors represents a decision that proves extremely useful and important for increasing the quality of medical practice in primary care, and the diagnostic accuracy for our patients. It is also proven that in addition to increasing the quality of the medical act, and the positive results in terms of patient management, there is a decrease in costs in the medical system and a real relief of the emergency system, proven during this period by Covid Pandemic 19, when patient mobility has become extremely low, especially in remote and rural areas.
We managed to achieve better communication between our organizations and to know each other, but especially to gather the ranks, and to have a closer collaboration and future participation of family doctors at the European level, which currently represents almost half of the total number of physicians at the European level.

You can review our ROUND TABLE entitled "The future of using PoCUS in ambulatory healthcare from the perspective of professional organizations: WONCA EUROPE, EFSUMB, WFUMB, EUVEKUS” through the following link:

Finally, we would like to invite you to participate with us in the upcoming
Euroson PoC-US School Conference, 4th Edition, which will take place in Vienna on September 9-10, 2023.

Best Regards,
Dr Mihai Iacob, MD.
EUVEKUS President.


YouTube 2022 Event Recordings

Dear Participants,

Please find the links with the Recordings of the 3rd Edition of the Euroson PoC-US Hybrid Conference, held in Vienna, Austria on 09-10 Sep. 2022.










Kind regards,


Dr. Mihai Iacob

Euvekus Eadus

Euroson PoC-US School Scholarships

Ten (10) merit scholarships available for this PoC-US School, 5 of which are for interested students and 5 for young doctors under 35 years, who have obtained merits and are interested in the field of ultrasound.

Please use this link to apply directly in google docs, for completion online.

These scholarships are granted in addition to the scholarships attributed to doctors from Ukraine who have requested participation.

If you are available, we hope you would be interested and able to take part in this Conference and your presence honors us.




Book: Atlas of Thyroid Ultrasonography

Dr. Mihai Sorin Iacob

Dr. Mihai Iacob

EUVEKUS President


After an intense activity of over 20 years in the field of clinical ultrasonography, during this difficult period of Covid 19 Pandemic, we obtain the results of intense work this spring together with the validation of the intelligent software "The Smart Thyroid Ultrasound Software", on the occasion of the European Cross-Border Project called "Thyroscreen".
The book was published by the Medical Publishing House and is entitled: "Atlas of Thyroid Ultrasonography" - English version. We thank all those who supported this project with us.

Find more about this Atlas of Thyroid Ultrasonography.

book of abstracts euroson 2021

2021 Euroson Poc-US Book of Abstracts

Please check the papers presented at the last year's Euroson Vienna 2021 conference.
book of abstracts euroson 2021

2021 Euroson Book of Abstracts

Euroson PoC-US 2021 Image

Hands-on Workshops

The meeting will provide participants with a unique opportunity for sharing knowledge, and skills through Hands-on Workshops.

These include:

  • Abdominal clinical ultrasonography
  • Practical aspects of clinical ultrasonography (abdominal/pelvis/thyroid US)
  • Thoracic ultrasonography
  • Thyroid clinical ultrasound
  • Basic Cardiac Ultrasound for non-cardiologists
  • Breast / Thyroid Ultrasound
  • Specification of Pocus in general medicine


Please check the Schedule of the event for a more detailed presentation of the Hand-on Workshops.

Euroson PoC-US School: The Point of Care Ultrasonography in Primary Medicine and Ambulatory Healthcare – Updates and Perspectives
is an annual event organized by
EUVEKUS (Europäische Vereinigung für die Entwicklung von Klinischen Ultraschalluntersuchungen im Ambulanten Gesundheitswesen).

© 2022 EUVEKUS. All rights reserved.