We would like to invite you at the upcoming, third edition of the EFSUMB Endorsed Conference - Euroson PoC-US School 2022.

The Conference is organized by EUVEKUS with the support of or great sponsors.

The theme of the Conference, The Point of Care Ultrasonography in Primary Health Care and Ambulatory Care - Updates and Perspectives, reflects the collaboration to advance common approaches aimed to improve early diagnostic through ultrasonography techniques.

It is a decision that proves the need of increasing the quality of medical care in family medicine or GP practices and diagnostic accuracy for our patients.
It is also proven that in addition to increasing the quality of the medical act and the positive results in terms of patient management there is a decrease in costs in the medical system and a real relief of the emergency system, proven during this period by Covid 19 Pandemic when patient mobility has become extremely low, especially in remote and rural areas.

Through the top participation of the representatives of three European organizations EFSUMB, WONCA Europe, and EUVEKUS we managed to achieve better communication between our professional organizations and to know each other better, but especially to gather the ranks and to have a closer collaboration and future participation of Family Physicians Specialists / GPs, which currently represents almost half of the total number of physicians at European level.
Our conference also invites physicians from other specialties in the specialty outpatient clinic at the European level.

At the last conference, we had a large number of participants both online and onsite from most European countries, including colleagues from Israel and the USA, which demonstrates the worldwide growing interest in this topic of Clinical Ultrasound.

We look forward to seeing you again.

Dr. Mihai IACOB, Event Organizer