We present the following proposed topics for the Annual Euroson PoC-US School 2022 Event.

T1. The new concept of clinical-ultrasound examination in current medical practice.The contribution and limits of clinical ultrasonography in diagnosis.

T2. Introduction to general ultrasonography based on sections and standardized plans for the daily practice of clinical ultrasound.

T3. The PoC-US applications. The basic ultrasound diagnosis in abdominal and pelvic pathology – an efficient tool diagnosis for the family physicians' practice. Examination Technique and Sono-anatomy

T4. Syndrome-focused ultrasonography

T5. Ultrasonography of the upper abdominal floor.

T6. Ultrasonography of the digestive tract and retroperitoneal space.

T7. Pelvic and peritoneal serous ultrasound.

T8. Cervical ultrasonography. Introduction to the Thyroid Clinical Ultrasound.

T9. FOCUS (Focused Cardiac Ultrasound) or Rapid Cardiac Assessment (RCA). Basic Cardiac Ultrasound for non-cardiologists.

T10. FAST Exam – Focused Abdominal Sonography in Trauma. Ultrasound in an emergency.

T11. Breast ultrasound. The role of breast ultrasonography in the investigation of the fibro-glandular breast in young women. Introduction to the ductal and conventional clinical ultrasound.

T12. Thoracic ultrasonography.

T13. Ultrasound-based Elastography. Strain Elastography as a useful tool in daily practice.

T14. The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a means of support in the practice of clinical ultrasonography by general practitioners.